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        footwear tester
        Plastic testing equipment
        textile testing instruments
        spinning lab equipments

        Geotextile Testing Equipment

        If you want to test Geotextiles, Geotextile membrane, Geogrids, Geonets etc , you can find more here.

        Leather Tester

        If you want to know more testing machine for leather , Please click here.

        Sampling Loom

        If you want to set up Lab Weaving and Knitting . Click here and get more information.

        FYI Testing Instrument Company

        FYI Best full solution for Laboratory Testing instruments, Equipments, Machines. Our specialist technology and five-star service and make you save the time and the cost . Whether you’re a beginner or a professional. If you need any help. Our technicians will provide you with the best service.

        Professional R&D Team

        FYI Professional R&D department supply best service to customer and supply customized machine improving and enlarging our supply.

        High Quality and Reasonable price

        FYI offer competitive price to our customer . And 100% Guarantee our quality . Your good choice, better purchase and best comforts!

        30 Years Experience

        Marketing since 1970s. We have rich experience in Lab Instrument . We have more than 20 agent service center worldwide.

        24 Hours Service

        Our special sales team supply quickly action. 7days (24 hours) Service is at your convenience.

        about fyi

        Hefei Fanyuan Instrument Co., Ltd.

        Hefei Fanyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. (FYI) is one of the top ranking manufacturers and suppliers of lab equipment worldwide. With our extensive experience and professional technology, we provide standard testing solutions to further control the quality, reduce the risk.

        FYI has been specialized in R&D, manufacturing, marketing since 1970s, have sold our products to more than 50 countries, have agent in over 20 countries. We are AATCC & ISO member, Our products comply with most international standards, i.e. AATCC, ANSI, ASTM, CSA, BS, DIN, EN, GB, IEC, ISO, JIS, M&S, SATRA, TM, UL, TAPPI, VDE, all the products have professional calibration & inspection before shipment.

        Customer Testimonials

        WHAT may customers SAY?after they USE?FYI?Lab?Testing Equipments or Machines??YES or?NO?

        We providing OUTSTANDING service to our customers.

        Your SUCCESS ,We THRIVE!!
        FYI is best Lab Testing Instruments manufacturer & supplier from CHINA
        Work together with us from now !!!

        Comprehensive Know How?About—-?TEXTILE?testing, GEOSYNTHETICS testing, Protype machines
        For textile industry, other CUSTOMERIZED machines.

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