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        Laboratory Press DW5150A /DW5150B

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        Laboratory press, also named Lab Vulcanizing Press or plastic /Rubber lab press which is applicable for vulcanization of rubbers, plastics, pigment, chemical materials, etc.

        Laboratory Press DW5150A /DW5150B

        Plastic/Rubber lab press is applicable for vulcanization of rubbers, plastics, pigment, chemical materials, etc.

        The appearance is very concise, which brought great convenience to maintenance in the future:

        and there is no complex line, effectively prevent the leak of hydraulic machinery common fault; The hot plate is made of the whole A3 plate, which prevents the hot plate from breaking easily, and the temperature transfer is slow, which causes the problems such as waste electricity and uneven temperature. The rational hydraulic system design is driven by the national patent technology and the high and low pressure respectively, which ensures that the product can operate efficiently, and the opening and closing speed is greatly improved. It also reduces the energy consumption of the motor, which is the best choice for you to increase production efficiency and save production cost

        Follows are features of Lab Vulcanizing Press

        • Four-post type, compact construction, beautiful appearance;
        • Chrome steel pistons, durable;
        • High pressure, wide applicability;
        • Easy to operate, easy to maintain;
        • Equipped with protective housing, ensure the operator’s safety;
        • With 3 dies provided, two are 3mm thick, the other one is customized, 5mm max.


        Application of Laboratory Press

        Lab Vulcanizing Press is suitable for vulcanization of all kinds of rubber products. It is also widely used in the pressing molding of solid plastic, foam, building decoration materials and decorative products. Its function is perfect, the structure is compact. Can automatically control temperature, alarm, manual opening, automatic filling and timing. We use the low voltage large flow vane pump and plunger pump of high pressure and small flux parallel oil supply, which ensure the hot plate rise quickly and save electric energy, has the function of automatic filling pressure, to ensure the product quality stability.

        If you need more information about plastic /Rubber lab press Please contact with us.


        Laboratory Press standards

        Key specification

        Key specification of Laboratory Press

        Total pressure DW5150A 0.20MN (20ton)
        DW5150B 0.30MN (30ton)
        Temperature RT ~ 300℃
        Temperature accuracy ±2℃
        Timer LED, 0~99mins
        Plate size 300×300mm
        Plate unit pressure DW5150A 2.2MPa
        DW5150B 3.3MPa
        Piston stroke 200mm
        Daylight 0~190mm, customized
        Working layer 1
        Heating power Upper plate 3.6kw,AC380V, 50HZ
        Lower plate 3.6kw, AC380V, 50HZ
        Motor power DW51502. 2kw, AC380V, 50HZ
        DW5150B 3.7kw, AC380V, 50HZ


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