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        Pipe Opacity Tester DWPOT

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        Pipe Opacity Tester, also named ISO?7686 Plastic Pipes Opacity Tester,?which is used to determine the opacity of plastic pipes and fittings.?To overcome?traditional method to test the impenetrability of the pipe material, while obtain the true transmittance of the tube?to use this machine. With high precision parallel light source, the measurement results are stable and reliable. The optical flux collecting system use high precision optical collector and up to 24 analog digital conversion circuit to make the measurement result more accurate.

        Pipe Opacity Tester?DWPOT

        Pipe Opacity Tester?is mainly used to determine the opacity of plastic pipes and fittings. The use of the tube penetrance tester overcomes the subjectivity of the traditional method to test the impenetrability of the tube, and then obtains the true transmittance of the tube. This instrument is mainly composed of light source, optical flux collection system, automatic entry and exit control system, sample automatic moving device, sample frame, touch screen man-machine interface and micro printer.

        We provide reasonable price and high quality Pipe Opacity Tester

        All of testing instruments manufactured by FYI are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance

        Follows are features of?Pipe Opacity Tester

        • High accurate parallel optical?source ensure a stable result
        • Various sample supports?and raster?can be provided for pipes with different diameters
        • Automatic calibration and three-point measurement can be done successfully
        • May save up to 1000 groups of test data automatically
        • Print out the report by the micro-printer
        • Brilliant touch screen offers user-friendly interface


        Application of Pipe Opacity Tester?

        Pipe Opacity Tester?is used to determine the opacity of plastics pipes and fittings.?It is necessary for a pipe or fitting used for water supply which is exposed to visible light during service to be sufficiently opaque to prevent algae growth.?It is an ideal device for pipe manufactures, research and inspection institution.

        Pipe Opacity Tester complies with?ISO 7686, GB/T 21300 etc international and retailer standards.

        If you need more information about Pipe Opacity Testing?Machine. Please contact with us.


        Standards of Pipe Opacity Tester

        ISO 7686 ISO 7686

        Key specification

        Key specification of Pipe Opacity Tester?

        Diameter range of pipe Φ20-40mm
        Resolution 0.01%F.S
        Accuracy <0.05%F.S
        Power supply 220V, 50HZ, 500W
        Dimensions 46×240×510mm
        Weight 30kg


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