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        Pipe Thermostability Chamber XCB

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        Pipe Thermostability?Chamber,?also named Plastic Pipe?Thermostability Chamber,?Thermal Stability Test Chamber?or?ISO 1167 Plastic Pipe Thermostability Chamber, it is suitable for hydrostatic test which can supply the correct temperature with?correct time to check the length of heating.

        Pipe Thermostability Chamber?XCB ??

        Pipe Thermostability Chamber?is used to determine the level of internal stresses in pipes. A specified length of pipe is placed at 110℃ for 8760hours, then check the length after heating.

        We provide reasonable price and high quality?Pipe Thermostability Chamber?.All of testing instruments manufactured by FYI are well-known throughout China and more than 50 countries abroad for providing superior value and performance

        Follows are features of?Pipe Thermostability Chamber

        • Adopt double insulated glass door?and built-in illuminator, it is convenient for operation and avoid the accidental burns;
        • Equipped with drainage device, can drain the waste water timely, reduce the burden of the working position;
        • The insulating layer?is of 90mm thickness, reduce the experimental cost, increase the stability of the machine.
        • The heater has self-protection function, avoid the accidental damage;
        • Perfect earth leakage protection, the over-temperature protection system?protect both the machine and the operator;
        • Special clamp exhaust design, reduce the operator’s labor intensity;
        • The pipe is hung when doing the test, comply with the standard’s requirement.


        Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine? ?

        Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine?is determination of test specimen in the regulation of stress conditions, through the 8760 hours after the test. It can be used with Hydrostatic Pressure Tester to do the thermal stability test at hydrostatic state.

        Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine?complies with?ISO 1167, 10508, ISO DIN 15874, 15877,GB/T 6111, 18742.2, 18993 ETC?international and retailer standards.

        If you need more information about Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Testing?Machine. Please contact with us.


        Standards of Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine??

        ISO 1167 ISO 10508 ISO DIN 25874 ISO 15877
        GB/T 6111 GB/T 18742.2 GB/T 18993

        Key specification

        Key specification of Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine

        Temperature range RT~120℃
        Temperature accuracy ±1℃
        Temperature error range ±0.5℃
        Temperature uniformity ±1℃
        Max. pipe diameter Φ63mm
        Max. specimen diameter 500mm
        Working position 12
        Power supply AC220V, 50Hz, 3kw


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