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        Twin Screw Extruder DW5210

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        Twin Screw Extruder, also named Lab Twin Screw Extruder?can be applied to?the mixing, plasticizing and extrusion of engineering plastics, modified plastics, master batch and other high polymers with the features of uniformly dispersed, plastics coloring and filling to modify.

        Twin Screw Extruders for Lab and R&D?DW5210 ??

        Twin Screw Extruders for Lab and R&D?is developed on the basis of single screw extruder. It has been widely used in extruding products due to its good feeding performance, mixing plasticizing performance, exhaust performance and extrusion stability

        Follows are features of?Twin Screw Extruders for Lab and R&D:

        • Miniaturization?of?furnace body;
        • The mandrel of screw is made of 40CrNiMoA?chrome-molybdenum alloy tool steel, treated by nitriding, hardening and tempering, chromium?plating?and super-fine grinding, resistant to corrosion.
        • The combination of screw components is building?block type, can be arranged according to the technology of material. Different?shear force and mixing effect can be achieved for production of diverse materials;
        • Charging barrel?adopts?bimetallic material, hard alloy?wear-resistant inner sleeve?with replaceable lining and multi-section barrel?assembly arranged according to different functions;
        • High precision temperature sensors to monitor the melt temperature change;
        • PLC programmable LCD touch control panel, with all parameters are freely?controlled?and extruding?process are dynamically displayed.


        Application of Twin Screw Extruders for Lab and R&D?

        Lab Twin Screw Extruder can be widely used in PE twin screw extrusion, PP twin screw extrusion, PET twin screw extrusion, etc. The processing fields of blending modification, filling modification, dispersing agent, fibre reinforcement, blending reaction, polymerization reaction and exhaust devolatilization for plastics are ideal experimental equipment of high accuracy and high performance.?It use below area

        1. Mixing and mixing extrusion granulation of general plastics, engineering plastics and elastomers;
        2. Blending modification and reactive extrusion of composites;
        3. High-efficiency mixing of polymer alloy;
        4. Polymer filling enhanced and modified
        5. Research and development of new products and new formulations;
        6. Optimization of production process parameters;
        7. Small production line.


        Lab Twin Screw Extruder Standards??

        Key specification

        Key specification of Lab Twin Screw Extruder??

        Control mode PLC type
        Output Approx. 1~10kg/h (depending on the technique formula)
        Screw diameter 20mm, 25mm or 30mm
        Screw L/D 40 : 1
        Screw rotating speed 0~120 rpm, adjustable
        Direction of screws Parallel co-rotating
        Heating section Five cast aluminum heating sections for
        charging barrel, one heating section for
        head, covered by stainless steel safety fan cover
        Cooling device Charging barrel full sections use
        circulating water cooling system
        Drive power 2.2kw gear reducer motor
        Power supply AC380V, 50Hz, 3 phase


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